Our Children Our Future Gardens at Minnow Lake Place - $500

We are Our Children Our Future and we want to create 25 new community garden beds, at Minnow Lake Place, for use by the participants of Our Children Our Future. With participating families, we will grow food and incorporate our gardens with our Collective Cooking program, which enhances the participants’ skills in planning and cooking nutritious meals on a budget.  We plan to establish their “mini gardens” for the kids, with the emphasis on age appropriate instructions of gardening and taking care of the environment.   They will be encouraged to plant some milkweed seeds, for transplanting near the lakeshore. We also plan to incorporate at least two “accessible beds”, close to the parking lot. As is common with community gardens, there will be a “no pesticide” rule, and environmental stewardship, most notably since the gardens are in close proximity to the lake.