The community voted and the results are in!  Here are the twelve community projects that will be funded by Project Impact this year.  You can click on the project name to find out more, and view their presentation.
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1.  Sudbury Cycles Kids Bike Exchange 
We are Sudbury Cycles and we want support for year 5 of our bike exchange where kids can trade in the bike they’ve outgrown for a rehabilitated bike of the right size (or pick up their first bike in exchange for a donation).  We also hope to hold a bike give away for kids in need, as we did last year.

2.  Flour Mill Community Farm Orchard 
We are the Flour Mill Community Food Centre and we would like to plant a small orchard near O’Connor Park with fruit trees and berries.  This will bring attention and community interest in food security and how those who live in poverty can access good healthy nutritious food, and will be the first piece of a larger project, the Flour Mill Community Farm.

3.  Laurentian University School of the Environment Living Wall  
We are a group of Laurentian University School of the Environment students and we want to build a living wall on campus that all students, faculty, staff and the City of Greater Sudbury community can enjoy.  This living wall of plants will bring, year round, natural aesthetic appeal and bring nature closer to the students of Laurentian University and the community of Sudbury.

4.  Chargers Growth and Re-greening Program 
We are Confederation Secondary School and we want to build small greenhouses with our students to grow and plant trees to continue to re-green Greater Sudbury.  The best part about the program is that it offers relevant research for students while making a direct and positive impact on our local environment.

5.  Safe Walking Routes for Community Members 
I am a Social Worker Placement Student at Better Beginning Better Futures and I want to create safe and accessible walking routes to schools for kids and families in the Bruce Avenue/Cambrian Heights area.

6.  Our Children Our Future Gardens-Minnow Lake Place 
We are Our Children Our Future and we want to create 25 new community garden beds, including at least 2 accessible beds, at Minnow Lake Place. With participating families and kids, we will grow food and incorporate our gardens with our Collective Cooking program, which enhances the participants’ skills in planning and cooking nutritious meals on a budget.

7.  Junction Creek Butternut Grove 
We are residents (and neighbourhood volunteer re-foresters) and we would like to create a Butternut Tree Grove adjacent to Junction Creek in Garson. Our intent is to create a unique arboretum within our neighborhood to be enjoyed by the community and as celebration of our communities concern for the environment and bio-diversity.

8.  Operation Fruit Snacks 
We are Fruit for All and we want to turn surplus residential fruit into dried fruit snacks for school breakfast programs. The aim of this pilot project is to produce 1,000 bags of dehydrated rhubarb snacks and/or apple chips, providing local, nutritious snacks to 1,000 school children in Sudbury.

9.  Microhatchery 
We are Algonquin Road Public School and we would like support for our School-Based, Self-Contained, Micro-Hatchery.  The Micro-Hatchery involves students from Kindergarten through to Grade 8 who care for and study Walleye and Brook Trout eggs and fry, which, when grown, stock two local lakes.

NORCAT Community Garden Space 
We are NORCAT and we want to install a small scale community garden on our property with both meditative and food producing components.  Our focus would be growing new and unusual varieties that could have a potential for larger adoption.
NORCAT generously donated their funding to the next projectin line (by number of votes) - the Elm West Playground Community Garden.

10.  Coniston Community Gardens 
We are the Coniston Community Gardens and we would like to add 15 beds with the bulk of the produce to be donated to the Coniston Food Bank, and install a composting system and rain barrels.  Youth are very much involved in planting and maintenance of our gardens and this year we will be involving seniors as well.

11.  Young Naturalist Challenge Display for the Lake Laurentian Conservation Area 
We are the Nickel District Conservation Foundation and we want to install a Young Naturalist Challenge Display at the head of the Self-Guided Trail by the Lake Laurentian Nature Chalet.  Through the challenges, youth and their families will be able to discover local plant and animal species along the trails, learn to identify them, find out fun facts about them, and gain an appreciation for their unique place in our local ecosystems.

12.  Elm-West Playground Community Garden 
We are the Elm-West Playground Association and we would like to introduce a community garden in our neighbourhood playground to provide opportunities for interactions and teachings amongst the young and older generation, and get more people to the playground and taking part in community events.  Our neighbourhood could really use this opportunity to kick-start a community garden and kick-start some new friendship, while working together to make this garden grow.